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I hit 30 on a Sunday might as well go give praise!!

Sunday October 15, 2017

So, I had mixed emotions today I was crossing over to another year and it was hitting me WOW I have been here for 30 years. They always say to change how you feel the first thing you do is change your look. Of course the first thing I did the day before was to get a new hair cut as seen in my previous post. Something not to dramatic but a few inches short for a nice clean look. Of course you cant have a birthday without a new outfit. Since it landed on a Sunday you better know I wanted to show off a little bit lol. It got to a few days before and I still hadn’t made a decision so I went with the next best thing a mauve petal sleeve dress. When I hit the seller it was possible for me to get the dress in time just had to pay a little extra. But, unfortunately there was a mix up at the post office and the dress didn’t arrive. So, lets go to the closet. I pulled out my polka dot and strip black and white dress. I added a pop of color light blue flower and paired it with my gojane high black heels with gold embellishment and made it a “BIRTHDAY SUNDAY”. I was disappointed my dress didn’t come in but surely I was greatful I made it another year.

Here is the look: